Our goal is to create portfolios of companies built on old fashioned principles yet enhanced by the latest technologies and methods.

Why invest in just one company when you can invest in a portfolio of diverse companies ?
In simple terms Corvus is R&D- D-centralization – Dis-intermediation in supply chains via “Sustainable Loop Distribution”

The world of finance and investing in startup companies has always been rigged in favour of “accredited” investors meaning the rich and connected. We were not allowed to participate, considered by the elites to be unintelligent enough to judge risk on our own. We were of course allowed to invest in the public stock market those elites controlled, buy the lottery tickets and mandated retirement programs they claimed were safe for Us. It was fine for us to be fleeced by government lotteries for hundreds of dollars per year but not  OK to invest in small companies where the odds of “winning” are similar or the reward was limited to helping create a product we actually use, even if we never see a return.

These laws have finally changed and We can invest small amounts into actual startups whose products, services and founders we admire.

Though the possibility of finding a “Unicorn” is very low We now have a chance. Imagine if you could have invested in Amazon, McDonalds, Ebay, Google, Tesla, Twitter or Chipotle when they were founded ! As a small part of our savings, stocks & retirement investing We can now add startup funding to stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETF’s and IPO’s allowing US to be equal to the elites.

As soon as you read the Portfolio page you will see a theme emerge.

Creation of products and services you can actually use in your life and work, not just apps or games.


For the exact details of our offerings and their structure click HERE






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